Spacerail: 232-Ultimate

I built yet another of my own design Spacerail ball machines. I call it 232-Ultimate.  This time it has three Networks and four Tracks.  It was so big I had to put it on a board to carry it.  Below are the pictures and video.

Front, Regular View

Front, Ground View

Back, Ground View

Back, Regular View

Top View

Note: I made a mistake in my video.  The second time the text Network 2 appears it is really supposed to say Network 3.


Sorry I haven’t been posting about my K’nex ball machines.  I have just been so busy with other projects.  Hopefully I will post about Grid Tower and Grid Machine soon.  I am still filming and editing Grid Machine’s video.  It takes it a lot longer to film and edit K’nex ball machine videos than Spacerail ball machine videos.



K’nex vs. Marbles Track

A few days ago, I built a ball machine element that works with both K’nex balls and marbles. The coolest part is the sorter at the end. It sorts the K’nex balls and marbles. Below is a picture and the video.

K.V.M. Picture


Grid Machine Update

The ball machine I am currently working on is Grid Machine.  My nickname for Grid Machine is Machine of Tricks.  This is what it looks like so far:

Grid Machine So Far

Today, I added a lot of elements and pathing to Path 4.  One of the tracks looks impossible,  but it does work!   Below are some pictures of it.   I call it The Trick Swoop.   The arrows point to the track.

The Trick Swoop

The Trick Swoop (2)



A Short History of My Ball Machines

Updated 6/23/2014

I love to build K’nex ball machines, and I have been building them for a few years.  Here is a list of some that I have built.

  • Ball Machine in the Dining Room: Never Finished

Ball Machine in the Dining Room

  • Crazy Moment: Never Finished
  • Crazy Double: Finished. It was a combination of a Big Ball Factory set and a Trampoline Tower set.  I connected them with tubes from the Big Air Ball Tower set.
  • Trampoline Factory: Finished

Trampoline Factory


I think Ball Machine in the Dining Room was my tallest ball machine for around two years.   Then came Grid Machine which beat my record.  Grid Machine almost touches the ceiling.  The highest point on Grid Machine is 1 1/2 inches from the ceiling.





This is one of my K’nex ball machines.

I call it X-Tower because from the top, the main structure looks like an X.

It has 8 Paths: Path 1, Path 2, Path 3, Path 4, Path 5, Path 6, Path 7, and Path 8. It has 5 Networks: Network 1, Network 2, Network 3, Network 4, and Network 5.

Thanks to SandroKnexmaster and KneXtreme for their element designs.

Below is the video: