K’nex: Grid Machine

Grid Machine is my tallest ball machine I have ever built.  Grid Machine has 3 Networks and 5 Paths.  Its highest point  is 1.5 in (3.81 cm)  from the ceiling.  I had to climb a ladder to build most of it.  Feel free to ask me any questions you have in the comments section.  Below is a picture and video.

Grid Machine


Special thanks to:


Kairah89 (Rogier de Bruin)





7 thoughts on “K’nex: Grid Machine

  1. That looks amazing! If my memory is right, you were 7 years old right?
    I like that new arm lift concept on top of the machine, very clever.

  2. Hey Knextus, It’s me Edmund. I LOVED it! I think you’re very clever. I think I’ll try making my own website.
    Good Bye Knextus!

    p.s. Gerrard says that the Grid machine would look good at OUR house! You’d need a lot more K’nex to reach our ceiling.

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