K’nex: Into The Treetops

My latest K’nex ball machine is called Into The Treetops.  I call it Into The Treetops because it is rainforest themed.  This is my first themed ball machine.  It has 7 Paths and 1 Network.  The tree that is leaning on its side is actually connected to the tree stump with hinges. The tree can be raised up and down. I show the tree standing straight up in one of the night shots near the end of the video.  The lights are supposed to look like vines.  My family also used this ball machine as our Christmas tree and that is why it has ornaments on it.  See if you can spot a sloth in the video!  His name is Ball Machine because he lives on ball machines!  Below are some pictures and the video.

Into The Treetops (Front View)

Into The Treetops (Back View)

(I will feature the white box that the balls from Paths 3 and 6 go into in an upcoming post!)

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