Spacerail: 232-Ultimate

I built yet another of my own design Spacerail ball machines. I call it 232-Ultimate.  This time it has three Networks and four Tracks.  It was so big I had to put it on a board to carry it.  Below are the pictures and video.

Front, Regular View

Front, Ground View

Back, Ground View

Back, Regular View

Top View

Note: I made a mistake in my video.  The second time the text Network 2 appears it is really supposed to say Network 3.


Sorry I haven’t been posting about my K’nex ball machines.  I have just been so busy with other projects.  Hopefully I will post about Grid Tower and Grid Machine soon.  I am still filming and editing Grid Machine’s video.  It takes it a lot longer to film and edit K’nex ball machine videos than Spacerail ball machine videos.



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