K’nex: Binary Counter Instructable

Programmers’ joke:

There are 10 kinds of people in the world: Those who understand binary, and those who do not.

Get it?

10 is the number 2 in binary.

I made an Instructable for the path separator I designed for my ball machine Grid Tower II. The binary counter is my most complicated path separator. It separates balls while at the same time counting in binary. Below are the video and link to the Instructable.

Binary Counter Instructable


K’nex: Grid Tower II

I built a K’nex ball machine that I call Grid Tower II. It has 1 network and 8 paths. The reason why it is called Grid Tower II is because it was originally based on my previous ball machine Grid Tower, but as I was building it, I decided to make it a castle-themed version of Grid Tower. I designed 2 of Grid Tower’s lifts, 1 of its path separators, and 15 of its elements! Below are some pictures and a video of Grid Tower II. See if you can spot the sloth and the binturong in the video! (Note: in the video, every time a new path starts, I move the binturong.)

Grid Tower II

Grid Tower II, Side VIew

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K’nex: Concatenation

I built a K’nex ball machine that I call Concatenation.  It has 3 networks and 10 paths.  It doesn’t work as well as my other ball machines, but I think it is cool anyway!  When building Concatenation, I tried something I had never done before:  combining two building systems, K’nex and Tetrix Prime.  Tetrix Prime is a building system designed for building robots, but I used it to build parts of Concatenation.  Below are some pictures and the video of Concatenation.  See if you can spot the 5 places I used Tetrix Prime on Concatenation!



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K’nex: In and Out Spiral Instructable

My latest Instructable is for a simple K’nex ball machine element called the In and Out Spiral.  I call this element the In and Out Spiral because the ball enters close to the back bone, and as it goes down, it moves out away from the backbone but then moves in toward the backbone as it exits.  Below are the link to the Instructable (be sure to click on it)  and some pictures:

In and Out Spiral

Spiral 1

Spiral 11

Spiral 111


K’nex: Trick Flip-Flops Ball Machine Element Instructable

I made another ball machine element and an Instructable for it.  I call the ball machine element Trick Flip-Flops.  It looks like an element containing normal flip-flops. However, I call it Trick Flip-Flops because the flip-flops are weighted on one side and go back into place once triggered by a ball.

Sorry there is no video.  I just couldn’t get the element to stand up on its own for a video.  It will be in my next ball machine, though.  You can see it in action then.


Below is the picture and link to the Instructable.

Trick Flip-Flops Ball Machine Element Instructable


Trick Flip-Flops