K’nex: Concatenation

I built a K’nex ball machine that I call Concatenation.  It has 3 networks and 10 paths.  It doesn’t work as well as my other ball machines, but I think it is cool anyway!  When building Concatenation, I tried something I had never done before:  combining two building systems, K’nex and Tetrix Prime.  Tetrix Prime is a building system designed for building robots, but I used it to build parts of Concatenation.  Below are some pictures and the video of Concatenation.  See if you can spot the 5 places I used Tetrix Prime on Concatenation!



Click here to see more pictures!

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2 thoughts on “K’nex: Concatenation

  1. I really like the Grid Tower II and the use of the binary counter! It’s amazing! (Sorry that I’m posting this here, but comments were not enabled on the Grid Tower II.)

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