K’nex: Surprise Box

Jelle Bakker made a Surprise Box for marbles (be sure to check out his You Tube channel.)  I thought it was really cool, so I decided to make my own out of K’nex. (I am even making one for marbles!)  Here’s how it works:  First, a ball enters through the top, but doesn’t exit out of the bottom.  Then a second ball enters through the top, hits a bell, and then exits out the bottom.  When a third ball enters in through the top, surprise!  It exits out the side along with the first ball.  Below are some pictures and the video.  Note:  I filmed and took pictures of the Surprise Box while it was attached to my upcoming ball machine.  Click Continue Reading to see the pictures. Continue reading

K’nex: K’nex + Marbles

K’nex + Marbles is my first ball machine that uses both K’nex balls and marbles.  The pink/red marble track is Skyrail.  In an upcoming post, I will give more details about Skyrail.  Below is the video.  (Sorry I couldn’t get the marble lift to work on this ball machine).  Sorry, I forgot to take pictures 😦 .  See if you can spot a sloth in the video.


Special thanks to:


Jelle Bakker- He introduced me to Skyrail.

Kairah89 (Roger de Bruin)




K’nex vs. Marbles Track

A few days ago, I built a ball machine element that works with both K’nex balls and marbles. The coolest part is the sorter at the end. It sorts the K’nex balls and marbles. Below is a picture and the video.

K.V.M. Picture