K’nex: Into The Treetops

My latest K’nex ball machine is called Into The Treetops.  I call it Into The Treetops because it is rainforest themed.  This is my first themed ball machine.  It has 7 Paths and 1 Network.  The tree that is leaning on its side is actually connected to the tree stump with hinges. The tree can be raised up and down. I show the tree standing straight up in one of the night shots near the end of the video.  The lights are supposed to look like vines.  My family also used this ball machine as our Christmas tree and that is why it has ornaments on it.  See if you can spot a sloth in the video!  His name is Ball Machine because he lives on ball machines!  Below are some pictures and the video.

Into The Treetops (Front View)

Into The Treetops (Back View)

(I will feature the white box that the balls from Paths 3 and 6 go into in an upcoming post!)

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K’nex: K’nex + Marbles

K’nex + Marbles is my first ball machine that uses both K’nex balls and marbles.  The pink/red marble track is Skyrail.  In an upcoming post, I will give more details about Skyrail.  Below is the video.  (Sorry I couldn’t get the marble lift to work on this ball machine).  Sorry, I forgot to take pictures 😦 .  See if you can spot a sloth in the video.


Special thanks to:


Jelle Bakker- He introduced me to Skyrail.

Kairah89 (Roger de Bruin)




K’nex: In and Out Spiral Instructable

My latest Instructable is for a simple K’nex ball machine element called the In and Out Spiral.  I call this element the In and Out Spiral because the ball enters close to the back bone, and as it goes down, it moves out away from the backbone but then moves in toward the backbone as it exits.  Below are the link to the Instructable (be sure to click on it)  and some pictures:

In and Out Spiral

Spiral 1

Spiral 11

Spiral 111


K’nex: Trick Flip-Flops Ball Machine Element Instructable

I made another ball machine element and an Instructable for it.  I call the ball machine element Trick Flip-Flops.  It looks like an element containing normal flip-flops. However, I call it Trick Flip-Flops because the flip-flops are weighted on one side and go back into place once triggered by a ball.

Sorry there is no video.  I just couldn’t get the element to stand up on its own for a video.  It will be in my next ball machine, though.  You can see it in action then.


Below is the picture and link to the Instructable.

Trick Flip-Flops Ball Machine Element Instructable


Trick Flip-Flops


Spacerail: Poleopolis

I built another of my own design Spacerail ball machines.  I call it Poleopolis because it has so many poles.  It contains my new dumper element.  I built my dumper element with my dad, and it is made out of wood and metal.  It takes 3 balls to tip the mobile track. See image below.

Dumper Element

For this Spacerail ball machine, I did something I have never done before: horizontal poles!  Below are the pictures of the two horizontal poles in this ball machine.

Horizontal Pole 2

Horizontal Pole 1

Below are more pictures of Poleopolis, and its video.

Front, Ground View

Front, Regular View

Top View

Back, Regular View

Back, Ground View